Daniel Reppel
Scrum Master
IAV Digital Lab
Grow up in Gera Thuringia - Study mechanical engineering @ University of Applied Sciences Wolfenbüttel - Aug. 2006 - Sep. 2007 worked as an engineer (field of “charge and discharge behavior of lead acid batteries”) @ AV Automotive Engineering, Inc. in Ann Arbor USA - Since Dez. 2007 IAV GmbH Berlin working on several topics - Simulation of hybrid strategies in powertrain - Application of a DoE based robust design process chain for system simulation of engine systems - Identifying patterns on NOx sensor behavior by using machine learning methods - Iav Digital Lab as Scrum Master Artificial Intelligence at IAV Digital Lab


New Technologies

10 Apr 2019

17:10 — 17:30

John McCarthy Stage



Real-Time Face Anonymization without Loss of Facial Information

  • Dr Mirko Knaak, Product owner AI, IAV Digital Lab
  • Daniel Reppel, Scrum Master, IAV Digital Lab