Big-Data.AI Summit 2018 Thomas Szabo
Thomas Szabo
act&react Werbeagentur

Communication connects everything – especially in our digital world. Thomas Szabo is conviced of this and his passion is to think different and find new and exceptional ways of communication. He is focusing on strategic communication, conception of main ideas for brands, design and implementation.

The married family father is born 1976 in Tübingen. He lived in Germany and Europe and is now located in Dortmund. He studied coummunication design with main focus on photodesign and founded the advertising agency act&react in 2000. The works of the agency act&react, for customers of diverse industry sectors, were honoured with more than 35 national and international recognized awards.

On top of that, Thomas Szabo is engaged in various associations: Member of the advisory board Marketing Club Dortmund. 2008 Founder of the Junior Marketing Professionals Dortmund. 2010-2012 Board member oft he German Marketing Association. Founding member of the Schleswig-Holstein Summer School of Marketing e.V. Since 2015 he’s commercial judge at the Dortmund Regional Court (trademark and competition law).


Science Fiction

1 Mar 2018

15:30 — 16:00

Stage 7


Ethics on the Train – Digital Excellence Ethics Empowering the Design of AI

  • Dr. habil Eberhard Schnebel, Group Risk Management, Commerzbank
  • Thomas Szabo, CEO, act&react Werbeagentur