Big-Data.AI Summit 2018 Christian Rammig
Christian Rammig
Head of Data Science
Otto Group Business Intelligence

Christian Rammig, born 1981 in Neustadt a.d. Aisch – Germany, is Senior Data Scientist at the Hamburg based Otto Group. Following his A-Levels, Christian Rammig completed officer training at the German Army and then studied Business Administration with quantitative majors at the Helmut Schmidt University. From 2009 Christian Rammig was Research Associate at the Institute for Operations Research at Helmut Schmidt University until he joined the Otto Group as a Data Scientist where he was one of the founding members to set up
the Business Intelligence division. Since 2016 Chrisitan Rammig heads the Data Science division of the Otto Group.


Conversational AI

1 Mar 2018

11:30 — 12:00

Stage 4


Development and Practical Use of AI in the Otto Group on the Example of Selected End Consumer Features

  • Christian Rammig, Head of Data Science, Otto Group Business Intelligence