Alexander Thamm


Alexander Thamm GmbH is the first real data science consultancy in the German-speaking countries. As a data science pioneer in Germany, we have already implemented more than 400 data science projects in various industries. 90% of our pilots are transferred to the operational business. Our customers include BMW, VW, Vodafone, Vorwerk, E. ON, Osram, Lufthansa and many more.

As Data Scientists are rare, we train them, e. g. as part of our 12-month Data Science Trainee Program. The result are efficient and well-rehearsed teams, which enables faster implementation and agile handling of change. We recruit employees from the fields of statistics, mathematics, mechanical engineering, physics, business administration, economics or computer science.

Our goal is to generate real added value from data. We call this Data2Value. To achieve this goal, we have developed the Data Journey. From the Data Strategy, it leads via the Data Lab to the Data Factory, where a market-ready Data Product is created. Thanks to our approach, Crisp Research named us #1 Value Creator in Machine Learning and Experton Big Data Leader.