More Support for Use of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Traffic Management

19 March 2018

Diagnosing diseases, making predictive route calculations or researching climate protection measures: Many German citizens believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be put to practical use in these areas. Accordingly, 3 out of 10 in each case indicate that they see medicine (31 percent) or mobility (29 percent) as the field where AI systems can be utilised to the greatest advantage. One in four people (24 percent) would favour the use of AI to address environmental and energy issues. These areas are followed at some distance by security (7 percent), social networks (5 percent) and customer service (1 percent). At the same time, none of those surveyed thought that it would not be meaningful to use AI in any of these fields. This is the result of a representative public opinion poll of 1,008 German citizens aged 14 and older commissioned by the digital association Bitkom. “The population is prepared to embrace the idea of using Artificial Intelligence and sees the enormous potential offered by technology. For example, AI can assist doctors in making diagnoses, prevent accidents on our roads and help to reduce energy consumption”, says Bitkom President Achim Berg. “In future, AI will be decisive not only for the success of individual companies but also for the competitiveness of entire national economies.”

“There is a now a growing awareness in many companies of the fact that Artificial Intelligence is a key technology for the coming years”, adds Berg. Even the political community has discovered the opportunities offered by AI. In the coalition agreement, Artificial Intelligence is described as the technological basis and driver for digitisation, measures are to be implemented during the current parliamentary term to position Germany as a world leading location for the study of Artificial Intelligence. In the view of Bitkom, in order to achieve this goal it will be necessary to allocate at least four billion euros to research and development for Artificial Intelligence over the next four years. Furthermore, at least 10 master’s degree courses and 40 AI professorships should be established all over Germany. “In countries like China and the US, the political will to remain at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence is already well established. Moreover, the financial means necessary therefor are also made available and the legal framework conditions are in place. We have to keep pace with them”, says Berg.

Note on methodology: These statements are based on a survey conducted by Bitkom Research and commissioned by Bitkom. 1,008 German residents aged 14 and above took part in the telephone survey. The survey is representative. The survey was structured to address the following question: “In which of these areas do you think the application of Artificial Intelligence is most worthwhile?”