BAS21 | News: The industry needs concrete use-cases to speed up AI adoption 

The industry needs concrete use-cases to speed up AI adoption 

In Germany, many entrepreneurs and managers consider AI technology to be of outstanding importance. At the same time, they struggle to put it to practical use. According to a representative study published by Bitkom in 2020, three-quarters (73%) of companies with 20 or more employees regard AI as the most important technology. However, only 6% are using AI in their business which shows a clear discrepancy between abstract rhetoric and concrete reality. This is also confirmed by another finding of the Bitkom study: only one in five companies (22%) are planning to deploy AI in the near future.

One important reason for this discrepancy is a lack of concrete use-cases to showcase AI’s potential to transform industrial branches. After all, AI is not a one-size-fits-all-technology. Nor is it a product that you can just order from Amazon. It is a toolset that has to be tailored to the specific needs of a particular business. Thus, use-cases need to be industry-specific. Applications in the health industry are very different from those in the automotive industry. Those, in turn, are quite different from AI applications in the financial sector.

This is why we decided to organize an annual summit dedicated to smart data applications. Instead of theoretical concepts or abstract musings on the potential of AI, the Big-Data.AI Summit presents concrete applications that address concrete problems. This year’s conference is going to be truly a unique BAS unlike any we delivered before. The program is filled with best-practice presentations, interactive workshops, and inspiring keynotes. Our international speakers are thought leaders in their field, world-class AI practitioners, and cutting-edge researchers. They come from multinationals, SMEs, and start-ups. Discover, learn, and get a chance to network with them and other attendees by signing up to attend the Big-Data.AI Summit 2021!

This year’s BAS will be delivered, for the first time ever, for free. And because it is a digital event, you can tune in to the talks that interest you the most. So, be there. Go beyond the hype. Take a deep dive. Experience the AI revolution.