28 Feb 2018

12:00 — 12:30

Stage 3

Success Factors of the Big Data and AI Transformation in Space and Defence

The space and defence industry is facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges in a world that is becoming more complex and less predictable.  Airbus is right at the center of this once-in-a-generation change. Digital and data is core to this multi-year transformation.In his talk, Jürgen Urbanski, VP Digital Platforms, will share a few of the lessons learned from transformations such as the one experienced by Airbus. He will focus on systemic issues there are prevalent in many large enterprises. The actionable insights for the audience will focus on how to make digital & data teams more self-sufficient with respect to extracting business value from their data, how to accelerate the digital transformation across the enterprise, and how to best leverage the value of a software ecosystem, using examples from aerospace and defense.