Rebekka Weiß
Head of Data Protection and Consumer Law
Position: Works for the Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications & New Media e.V. (Bitkom) • fields of work: data protection, competition and consumer law, as well as antitrust law and trust services • lead of multidisciplinary topics and workshops, especially on security updates and artificial intelligence & ethics Background: Master of Laws, University of Glasgow "Intellectual Property and the Digital Economy" Law firm practice in the areas of data protection and consumer law Studies of law in Potsdam (Germany) and Lausanne (Switzerland), 2nd state examination completed


Ethics and Society

10 Apr 2019

15:30 — 15:50

Hari Seldon Stage



Corporate Digital Responsibility and Decision Making - Guidelines on AI & Ethics

  • Rebekka Weiß, Head of Data Protection and Consumer Law, Bitkom