Matthias Spielkamp
Executive Director
Matthias Spielkamp is founder and executive director of AlgorithmWatch. He focuses in his work on the question of how to explain algorithmically controlled automated decision-making systems to a general public and testified before several committees of the German Bundestag, i.e. on AI and robotics. He has been a fellow of Mercator Foundation, ZEIT Foundation, and the American Council on Germany. Matthias has written and edited books on digital governance and was named one of 15 architects building the data-driven future by Silicon Republic in 2017. He holds master’s degrees in Journalism from the University of Colorado in Boulder and in Philosophy from the Free University of Berlin.


Work 4.0

10 Apr 2019

16:30 — 16:50

Hari Seldon Stage



How to Make your AI Ethics-Proof? A Primer

  • Matthias Spielkamp, Executive Director, AlgorithmWatch