Dr Matthias Plaue
Chief Data Scientist

Dr. Matthias Plaue is Chief Data Scientist at MAPEGY GmbH in Berlin. He is responsible for serving actionable intelligence to the company's customers by mining information from various heterogeneous, mostly unstructured data sources, such as patents, scientific publications, internet news, dictionaries and company registers, via a host of methods such as natural language processing, network analysis, Bayesian learning, and more. A mathematical physicist by training, he authored and published numerous scientific works on differential geometry, relativity theory, image processing, and pedestrian dynamics. Matthias, naturally, has an extensive academic track record.


Science Fiction

10 Apr 2019

14:10 — 14:30

Hari Seldon Stage



Rise of the Mindless Machines

  • Dr Matthias Plaue, Chief Data Scientist, MAPEGY

Digital Business Strategy

11 Apr 2019

15:20 — 15:40

Joan Clarke Stage


Big Data | EN

The Innovation Graph: Decision Support for Innovation and Technology Management

  • Dr Matthias Plaue, Chief Data Scientist, MAPEGY
  • Dr Peter Walde, Chief Executive Officer, MAPEGY