Dr Christoph Jung
Principal Architect
T-Systems International

Dr. Jung graduated in Cognitive Science and Distributed Artificial Intelligence at the Universität des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken. His logic-driven autonomous agents made it to the quarter-finals of RoboCup’98, Paris. After some time as middleware architect, early member of the JBoss Group (then acquired by Red Hat Inc.) and reporter of the Top-1 Java Bug throughout 2002-2005, he co-founded a then very edgy startup on predictive analytics for retailers. Since then, he has been highly involved in all sorts of real-time mass data processing using parallel and distributed hardware to finally join T-Systems Big Data force in 2014. In the recent period, the efficient and large-scale treatment of automotive measurement data on Hadoop platforms has become a special focus of his work.


New Technologies

10 Apr 2019

16:30 — 16:50

John McCarthy Stage


Big Data | EN

Worldwide Gathering & Analysis of Large-Scale Measurement Data Presentation

  • Daniel Arnold, Project Lead, Daimler
  • Dr Christoph Jung, Principal Architect, T-Systems International