Big-Data.AI Summit 2018 Gerald Ulmer
Gerald Ulmer
Head of Situation and Threat Analysis

As Head of the Situation and Threat Analysis department at Siemens Gerald Ulmer is responsible for the identification and evaluation of current and future (security) threats vis-à-vis Siemens on a global scale; this in regards to staff, assets, processes and programmes as well as the reputation of the organization. Since more than 15 years he is actively and internationally engaged in the analytic realm in various functions for authorities and private organizations alike, as well as trainer and lector, especially in the areas crime, threat and risk analysis, as well as the development of analytic solutions/applications utilizing cutting edge technologies. In connection with his academic background in psychology, sociology, criminology and international criminal justice he particularly researches decision support systems/techniques in the area of high reliability organizations.


Intelligent Automation

1 Mar 2018

15:30 — 16:00

Stage 5


Leveraging Machine Learning for Threat Analysis and Trend Recognition

  • Fritz Schinkel, Consultant Industrial Analytics, Fujitsu
  • Gerald Ulmer, Head of Situation and Threat Analysis , Siemens