Hartmut Schultze
Memory-Driven Computing Evangelist und Engagement Manager
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Since 2015 Hartmut Schultze engages in Memory-Driven Computing in customer use cases. In his various roles he always strove to create value by exploiting technology, optimizing environments, introducing automation and acting as a change agent to make it happen.
Between 2001 and 2014 Hartmut led several international customers accounts in his role as Account Executive within outsourcing services.

Previously, Hartmut worked as a consultant in different customer situations.

Hartmut Schultze studied software and automation technology at the University of Stuttgart and holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering.



10 Apr 2019

14:30 — 14:50

Grace Hopper Stage



Harnessing Memory-Driven Computing Architecture to Solve Critical Health Challenges

  • Hartmut Schultze, Memory-Driven Computing Evangelist und Engagement Manager, Hewlett Packard Enterprise