Big-Data.AI Summit 2018 André Rauschert
André Rauschert
Expert for Data-Driven Business Models & Disruptive Technologies
Fraunhofer IVI

André Rauschert studied Computer Science and Media Management in South Africa and Germany. After his professional career in a leading management consultancy specialised in strategic projects for well-known corporations and institutions, he has worked many years with a global IT company, including Malaysia, where he was responsible for software development and support of key accounts as Vice President Client Services. During this time, he acquired the corresponding management qualification through an Executive MBA in Austria. Driven by the increasing challenges in the context of the controllability of data and the resulting changing opportunities to drive new business models, he took over the area of "Digital Business Processes" with Fraunhofer Society in 2012 and thus the competence area of Smart Data and Artificial Intelligence.


Conversational AI

1 Mar 2018

16:00 — 16:30

Stage 2


Unsupervised Dynamic Machine Learning for Tourism Accounting (Projectname Aurebu)

  • Eyk Pfeiffer, Managing Director, travel-BA.Sys
  • André Rauschert, Expert for Data-Driven Business Models & Disruptive Technologies, Fraunhofer IVI