Big-Data.AI Summit 2018 Rainer Le-Ngoc
Rainer Le-Ngoc
Head of Industry & Media Solutions

Rainer Le-Ngoc has been Head of Industry and Media Solutions at PAYBACK since the end of 2015 and is responsible for co-operations with brand manufacturers in this position. He is responsible for targeting marketing measures via the PAYBACK Multichannel Platform. He is also responsible for the conception and implementation of innovations in the course of the digitalization of products with a special focus on the digitalization of PoS. Rainer Le-Ngoc joined PAYBACK eight years ago and held various positions in the digital sector, product management and was assistant to the board of directors. His professional career began with a degree in business administration at the LMU Munich.


Conversational AI

28 Feb 2018

15:00 — 15:30

Stage 1 | EN

Big Data

From Kiosk to Amazon Competitor? The Digitalization of the PoS as the Biggest Revolution in Retailing

  • Rainer Le-Ngoc, Head of Industry & Media Solutions, PAYBACK