Big-Data.AI Summit 2018 Philipp Krebs
Philipp Krebs
eSolutions Manager

Philipp Krebs (eSolutions Manager) developed and organized the ebusiness-department of RIEGLER & Co.KG in 2010. Today he is responsible for all areas of ebusiness, PIM and media design and has increasingly turned the topic of MDM in the recent past. In addition to the requirements of the own company, Mr. Krebs focuses primarily on data issues along the supply chain and their optimization.


Conversational AI

28 Feb 2018

17:00 — 17:30

Stage 1 | EN

Big Data

»Leading Process instead of Leading System« - The Mindset for the Digital Transformation

  • Dr. Tobias Brockmann, Co-Founder & Head of Operations, innoscale
  • Philipp Krebs, eSolutions Manager, Riegler