Patrick G. Walch
Lead Data Scientist
Telefónica Germany

Patrick is Lead Data Scientist in the Business Analytics unit at Telefónica Germany.

In his studies of Economathematics at Ulm University he specialized in Operations Research, Game Theory and Heuristic Algorithms. After his diploma, he joined the German Research Foundation’s research group “Modeling, Analysis and Simulation in Economathematics” where he was applying Game Theory in Financial Mathematics.

After his studies, in 2008 he started working for a Munich based consultancy in data analytics and one of his first projects was for Telefónica Germany. In 2010 he joined Telefónica’s Business Analytics unit as data analyst, then became functional lead for analytical models and later manager of the Advanced Analytics & Data Science team. Since July 2016, he holds the position of the Lead Data Scientist.


Digital Transformation

10 Apr 2019

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  • Leo Marose, CEO / Co-Founder, StackFuel
  • Patrick G. Walch, Lead Data Scientist , Telefónica Germany