Big-Data.AI Summit 2018 Dr.-Ing. Matthias Keller
Dr.-Ing. Matthias Keller
Head of Data Analysis & Research
Echobot Media Technologies

Matthias Keller has been Head of Data Analysis and Research at Echobot Media Technologies GmbH since April 2015. Echobot is a Karlsruhe-based company that analyses millions of digital contents for over 900 customers every day. Mr. Keller has many years of experience in machine learning, natural language processing (NLP) and information extraction. He completed his computer science studies at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in summer 2009, where he worked until 2015 as a research assistant in the field of automated information extraction with machine-learning methods and received his doctorate in 2014.


Conversational AI

28 Feb 2018

17:30 — 18:00

Stage 1 | EN

Big Data

Smart Data Solution Center BW (SDSC-BW): Best Practice and Success Stories (EN)

  • Dr.-Ing. Matthias Keller, Head of Data Analysis & Research , Echobot Media Technologies
  • Dr. Andreas Wierse, CEO, Sicos BW