Big-Data.AI Summit 2018 Arnab Dutta
Dr. Arnab Dutta
Data Scientist

Arnab Dutta is a data scientist working at GmbH, a subsidiary of eBay Classifieds Group, and living in Berlin.
He studied computer science with a focus on Information Retrieval and Data Mining at the Max-Planck-Institute of Informatics, Saarbrücken. He earned his PhD in uncertainty reasoning and knowledge graphs at the chair of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Mannheim.
With over 7 years of industrial experience, out of which 3 years in building predictive models, applying machine learning to a wide array of problems both in the domain of FinTech and E-Commerce, he is excited about anything with data, numbers, statistics, visualisation and machine learning. He loves to build intelligent systems and enjoys bringing them into production even more. In a nutshell, he is driven by the desire to work out simple solutions for real world problems.


Intelligent Automation

1 Mar 2018

16:30 — 17:00

Stage 5


Deep Learning-based Recommendations for Germany’s Biggest Online Vehicle Marketplace

  • Dr. Arnab Dutta, Data Scientist,
  • Dr. Florian Wilhelm, Data Scientist, inovex