Dr Susan Wegner
VP Data Governance, Architecture and Analytics
Deutsche Telekom

Dr. Susan Wegner (CDataO) is responsible for data governance, architecture, models, AI and analytics at Deutsche Telekom. This includes the establishment of a company-wide AI/data governance program, drive the AI/data analytics strategy forward, leverage initiatives of existing shared competencies and have the focus on the effective exploitation of data and analytics to deliver business value. Before Susan was Vice President Smart Data Analytics & Communication at Telekom Innovation Laboratories. In addition, since 2013 she has held different positions within Motionlogic a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom Group e.g. founder, CEO, Advisory Board and since 2015 she has been Managing Board Member of the Bitkom Big Data Group.
Susan brings with her more than 20 years of experience especially in the fields of platform/software design, image processing, data analysis and artificial intelligence. Before she joined Deutsche Telekom Group in 2000, she worked in various companies (German Heart Institute Berlin, Robert Bosch) as Expert for Image Segmentation focusing on Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence – her PhD topic - and Software Engineer for driver information systems.