Big-Data.AI Summit 2018 Dr. Jobst Landgrebe
Dr. Jobst Landgrebe
Managing Director

Born in 1970.
High school diploma in 1990, civil service until the end of 1991. Studied philosophy, medicine, biochemistry and mathematics in Heidelberg, Göttingen, Basel and Nîmes
Doctorate 1998 (Göttingen) in the field of cell biology (intracellular protein transport).
1998-2002 postdoc at the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry, research topics: neurogenetics, neuropharmacology, biomathematics.
2002-2006 Assistant at the DFG Center for Cell Biology at the University of Göttingen (Chair Prof. Kurt von Figura), research topics: apolipoprotein synthesis, biomathematics.
2006-2009 / 2011-2103 Strategy Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton, focus on pharmaceutical and software industries.
2009-2011 architect for Artificial Intelligence at Clinerion. 2013- 2014 Architect for AI at Allianz PKV. 2013
Founding of Cognotekt GmbH, since 2014 Managing Director, today (beginning of
2018) with approx. 40 full-time employees.



1 Mar 2018

14:00 — 14:30

Stage 3 | EN


New AI Applications for Problems with Low to Medium Case Volumes

  • Dr. Jobst Landgrebe, Managing Director, Cognotekt
  • Frank Luley, Managing Director, SV Informatik