Big-Data.AI Summit 2018 Dr. Eldar Sultanow
Dr. Eldar Sultanow
Senior Enterprise Architect

Dr. Eldar Sultanow is a senior enterprise architect at Capgemini. He has many years of deep practical experience in the software industry, including JEE, Electronic / Mobile Commerce, Track & Trace and Auto - ID. In his current project, Eldar is Chief Technical Designer in one of the largest public IT processes, handling hundreds of thousands of transactions a day with an annual volume of more than €25 billion. In addition to his current project, he advises companies across different industries on topics such as the migration of entire application landscapes to the cloud.


Industry 4.0

28 Feb 2018

17:30 — 18:00

Stage 2

Big Data

Applications of the Embedded In-Memory Technology in the Public Sector

  • Martin Blomenhofer, Software Engineer, Federal Employment Agency
  • Andreas Jung, Senior Software Engineer, Capgemini
  • Philippe Masson, Software Engineer & Solution Architect, Capgemini
  • Dr. Eldar Sultanow, Senior Enterprise Architect, Capgemini