Big-Data.AI Summit 2018 Chris-Gilbert König
Chris-Gilbert König
Founder & CEO

Dipl. oec. Chris-Gilbert König is an executive partner of Healthcare X.0 GmbH. He is a renowned expert in artificial intelligence and he is often invited to international conferences about AI as a speaker, for example to the House of Pharma & Healthcare Convent and the Zeit Convent AI. The software of Healthcare X.0 optimizes the entire organization in the healthcare system. Furthermore, it simplifies daily processes and usage of sensible data. After his studies in economics, Chris-Gilbert König worked for a subsidiary of Deloitte until he became self-employed in 1995. Since 2015 Chris-Gilbert König is exclusively responsible for the health care section. He is the mastermind and co-developer of the Healthcare X.0 product line. PatientAssist, one of the products, is an electronic health record for patients which combines and stores all relevant data digitally. Available as an app and on the web, it is easy to maintain, review, analyze or even transmit the health record including diseases, drugs, medical data and daily updates about the state of the user’s health. PatientAssist can be recorded safely and easily online, therefore it is significantly helping patients and doctors.


Digital Health

1 Mar 2018

16:30 — 17:00

Stage 6


AI and the Doctor of the Future

  • Isabella Kipp, Medical Officer, Healthcare.X.0
  • Chris-Gilbert König, Founder & CEO, Healthcare.X.0