Big-Data.AI Summit 2018 Dr. Alexander Borek
Dr. Alexander Borek
Head of Smart Data & Analytics

Dr. Alexander Borek is responsible for Smart Data and Analytics, Digital Platforms, Digital Customer Ecosystem and AI Assistants in the Group Digitalization of the 12 automotive brands of Volkswagen AG. Before, he worked as a consultant at Gartner and IBM, where he had advised Global Fortune 500 executives in multiple industries with regards to their digital transformation, data governance and analytics innovation strategy. He is a recognized international thought leader in data strategy and the author of the books “Total Information Risk Management” and “ Marketing with Smart Machines“.


Conversational AI

28 Feb 2018

11:30 — 12:00

Stage 1 | EN

Big Data

Ten Key Principles on how to Transform a Global Company into a Data Driven Leader

  • Dr. Alexander Borek, Head of Smart Data & Analytics, Volkswagen
  • Alexander Thamm, CEO, Alexander Thamm