When AI chooses your Job

12 September 2018
  • Four out of ten would rely on AI recommendations in their search for an employer
  • But only 7 percent can imagine AI support in online dating

Consumers can already be helped today by artificial intelligence (AI) with product recommendations or personalized search results on the Internet. However, citizens could also be supported by AI applications with basic life decisions such as the selection of an employer or partner. For example, four out of ten German citizens (40 percent) could imagine using AI recommendations when selecting a potential employer. This is the result of a representative survey of 1,008 German citizens aged 14 and over commissioned by the digital association Bitkom. "Artificial intelligence has the potential to be a decision-making aid wherever large amounts of data are available," says Christian Kulick, member of Bitkom's management board. "When looking for a job, the AI could recommend suitable employers on the basis of personal preferences, exclusion criteria and the decisions of similar applicants. Men are more willing to be supported by AI in their search for an employer. Almost half (45 percent) state this. On the other hand, only a good third of women (35 percent) can imagine taking AI help when looking for a job. A comparison of the age groups, on the other hand, reveals hardly any differences.

When it comes to choosing a partner on the Internet, however, most citizens are sceptical about AI recommendations. Only 7 percent of Germans would resort to artificial intelligence for online dating. This willingness is still most widespread among younger people between the ages of 14 and 29, at 12 percent. "The idea that a highly emotional decision such as choosing a partner on the Internet can be supported by AI is obviously still too abstract for many consumers," says Kulick.