This was the
Big Data Summit

28 February 2018

The 6th Big Data Summit brought together more than 600 data experts and users. The first day of the Big-Data.AI Summit showcased the latest developments of Big-Data technologies, while the second day will focuse on artificial intelligence.

Big Data's still holds a major potential in the industry: recognizing patterns in data to enable reliable forecasts is promising increased efficiency in many areas. Big Data can also be a facilitator in the health care sector, for example in supporting therapy by comparing large amounts of data with the patients' personal health data. Dr. Jens Baas (CEO from the Techniker Krankenkasse) is also convinced that computers will be analyzing X-ray images in the future.

Prof. Dr. Michael Feindt (Founder & Chief Scientist at KIT / Blue Yonder), Xiaoqun Clever (Chief Technology & Data Officer, Member of the Group Executive Board at the Ringier Group) and Dr. Christian Schlögel (CTO of KUKA) also spoke on stage.

In addition to keynotes and panel discussions, participants took part in workshops themselves and developed concrete ideas for their own company. In the busy exhibition and networking area visitors were also able to find valuable contacts.

Day two - the AI Summit - will follow with latest insights on the use of artificial intelligence.  Among the many exciting speakers, Frank Riemensperger (CEO of Accenture) and Prof. Andreas Dengel (DFKI) will kick-off the day with the discussion “How can the German Economy Best Benefit from Artificial Intelligence?”.