BAS20 | News: A look back: #BAS19 – from fiction to business

A look back: #BAS19 – from fiction to business


“In many aspects, science fiction does not represent the reality of AI. It inspires us and there is a richness in the possibilities of AI that can transform societies in an all-encompassing way.” – Prof. Dr. Andreas Dengel

Based on this premise, the Big-Data.AI Summit 2019 set sails on the 10th and 11th of April 2019. It took place in Berlin in the popular event location Station Berlin. Over 8000 participants listened to engaging and innovative key notes, discussions, and presentations about practical application of big data and artificial intelligence. Presentations were contributed by more than 200 international speakers. Attendees and participants got the chance to network with business and political leaders, international researchers, and data experts. Presenters provided real-life insights and best-practice examples drawn from their own daily work.

#BAS19 covered three topical clusters:

  1. Creating business value from smart data,
  2. industrial use-cases, and
  3. ethical, societal and political challenges.

The use-cases presented within each cluster were rich. Attendees listened to success stories on implementing AI strategies, delved into real-world smart data applications in health, finance, and logistics, and reflected on the social consequences of intelligent automation. 


Top Speakers BAS19


The highlights of the first day included a keynote by the co-creator of the Internet, Robert E. Kahn, an all-female panel on advancing AI in Europe, and a discussion of Germany’s AI research landscape by the Federal Minister of Education and Research, Anja Karliczek.

Among the many astute presenters of the second day, three impressive speakers stood out. Ruchir Puri, CTO IBM Watson, talked about the challenges of introducing AI on an enterprise level. The presentation was followed by a keynote by Stephen Brobst, CTO Teradata and former advisor to President Obama. Eventually, Professor Katharina Zweig, University of Kaiserslautern, elaborated on the importance of making sure that algorithms behave ethically.


-    Engineering the Future of AI for Enterprises | Ruchir Puri 

-    Structuring Big Data and AI Information as Digital Objects | Robert E. Kahn

-    AI: Between Reality and Science Fiction | Prof Dr Andreas Dengel | Dr Nabil Alsabah  


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