#BAS19 Call for Speakers 2019

25 September 2018

We are excited to announce the Call for Speakers of 2019! Join over 5,000 Digital Experts for a one-of-a-kind Event on the latest trends and applications in AI and big data. 

It has been 40 years since the release of the sci-fi classic 2001: A Space Odyssey – a movie that helped shape the public debate on artificial intelligence. A lot has changed since then. Rather than becoming the all-powerful threat to humanity the movie gloomily anticipated, artificial intelligence has emerged as a transformative technology that augments human capabilities and shapes the digital transformation of businesses. Coupled with the potential of big data, AI is posed to define the next chapter of the ICT revolution.

To join our summit as speaker please follow our Call for Speakers Guide and submit your presentation here.
Presentations that do not align with our Call for Speakers Guidelines will be disregarded. 

We look forward to your submissions!