AI Guidelines Published

15 June 2017

Economic Importance, Social Challenges, Human Responsibility

Bitkom and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) developed the paper "Artificial Intelligence - Economic Importance, Social Challenges, Human Responsibility" for the „Digital Gipfel 2017“ (Federal Digital Summit) of the Federal Government on 13 June 2017. It is aimed at federal ministries and regulators, decision-makers in the digital economy and political parties, scientists from the fields of data management, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), as well as the (economic) press and the general public.

With the paper, Bitkom and the DFKI are aiming to put their positions on issues of corporate and social responsibility for the increased use of AI in decision-making processes open for discussion. Through the rapid advances in capturing real-world data, the ability to interact actively, and virtual agents, essential prerequisites for a profound change in the economy and society are given. Cognitive systems rely on Big Data and AI, and can already handle a wide range of tasks ranging from the acquisition and consolidation of information about the execution of hazardous, dirty, physically demanding work to the support of management decisions. In the coming years, cognitive systems will significantly expand their performance spectrum. This leads to the need to understand the economic and social consequences of the cognitive age, and to enter into a discourse, especially in the context of global political and economic challenges.

What does the increased use of AI mean for individuals, businesses, political parties, further social groups and organisations, the perception of citizens' and liberties, political processes (diversity, opinion-making) and decision-making? Which ethical principles should apply to systems based on AI? How much space should algorithms be given for decisions concerning health, education, career or the financial situation? Who is responsible for algorithmic decisions? These are just some of the issues that are relevant to business, politics and society alike. The position paper answers these questions and offers recommendations to policy makers.

The executive summary will soon be available in English. 

The full publikation is available in German only.

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