Energy, Finance & Mobility

28 Feb 2018

17:30 — 18:00

Stage 6

Digitization in Transport - Use of Movement Data in Innovative Mobility Concepts

MaaS - Mobility as a Service is one of the future mobility concepts. This includes, among other things, the modelling and evaluation of framework conditions such as the quantity for autonomous vehicles, accepted waiting times from the time of request or vehicle loading, as well as the simulation and control of autonomous vehicle fleets.
Conventional production of the necessary matrices for origin and destination traffic and the traffic models based on them do not permit rapid roll-out worldwide. To achieve this scalability, mass data must be used. One approach to this is the use of movement data based on GPS, sensor or GSM. The lecture will give an overview of the current possibilities and limits of this data in traffic related questions. Furthermore, it is to be shown how the data must be processed and prepared to be usable in this environment.