Intelligent Automation

1 Mar 2018

16:30 — 17:00

Stage 5

Deep Learning-based Recommendations for Germany’s Biggest Online Vehicle Marketplace

At, Germany’s biggest car marketplace, a dedicated data team, supported by the IT project house inovex, is responsible for creating smart data products. One focus are personalised vehicle recommendations to improve the customer experience during browsing as well as finding the perfect offering.
As an introduction, we briefly mention the traditional approaches for recommendation engines, thereby motivating the need for more sophisticated approaches. We then illustrate how Deep Learning can be leveraged to capture the underlying non-linear correlations of features for personalised recommendations. In particular, we’ve customised Google Play’s algorithm for an online marketplace with a fast-changing inventory. Several variants of our adapted approach are evaluated against traditional methods as well as scalability aspects are addressed.
We conclude our talk by giving an outlook on the importance of personalised user experiences and the application of Deep Learning and AI at