Industry 4.0

10 Apr 2019

15:50 — 16:10

Grace Hopper Stage

Creating Train Stations of the Future with IoT & Data Analytics

Deutsche Bahn, the main German railway provider, is revolutionizing its train stations with IoT & data analytics. Beyond remote monitoring its assets such as elevators, station clocks and displays with smart sensors to ensure a high availability, a key requirement for intelligent operations is being aware of the passenger counts and flows in the stations. In collaboration with the open source community, DB Station&Service has thus developed the Pax-Counter, a smart sensor that counts the number of mobile devices in its vicinity by detecting their WiFi signals. Pax-Counter sensors have been used to count crowds at events in Finland, France as well as Switzerland, and have been installed at train stations in Berlin and Hamburg. Advanced analysis & modelling in R allows to determine passenger counts and flows from the number of devices registered. Dashboards and visualizations in Tableau enable data-driven operations for stations, e.g. for passenger guidance, security and cleaning.