28 Feb 2018

14:30 — 15:00

Stage 4 | EN

Accelerating Insight through Visual Analytics (EN)

Sensors surge and big data grows. Two billion smart phones and many more GPS sensors are active today. What if we equip all cars, ships and aircraft with environmental sensors? How can we gain knowledge from all that data? How can we find the needle in this big digital haystack? In real-time?Visual Analytics, the science of analytical reasoning facilitated by interactive visual interfaces, can be a key enabler to tackle this challenge. With the right data architecture, analysis tools and visualization capabilities, any user can be turned into a powerful analyst who can make sense out of today’s mass amounts of geo-enabled and temporal data. To be able to turn ordinary users into extraordinary analysts it is required to understand the different dimensions of data in the context of the challenges of Visual Analytics. The power of accelerating insight through Visual Analytics (practical relevance) will be interactively demonstrated by Lufthansa Systems: Lufthansa Systems synchronizes planning data with historical and real-time positional data and weather forecast. This data combination is projected into space and time. Based on the analysis Lufthansa Systems examines inflight decision support for airline dispatch and operational analysis through visualization of the respective context.