Generating Value: The Path from Innovation to Production 

Big data and artificial intelligence are game changers when it comes to gathering insights and automating tasks. Integrating these technological advantages into organisations and the whole value chain poses big challenges to companies wanting to future-proof their business models. Concrete steps towards this goal come with a multitude of questions regarding necessary data foundations, successful scaling of intelligent applications, and legal and social circumstances. How do we develop a data strategy which enables the implementation of AI and drives success? Which technologies offer scalable solutions and business opportunities – also with regards to regulatory requirements? How can trustworthiness be ingrained into products and processes? 



Big-Data.AI Summit, Europe's leading conference on the application of artificial intelligence and big data in business, shed light on these questions on the 14th and 15th September 2022. At #BAS22, we gained actionable insights into scaling intelligent use cases, identified future business opportunities, and found new solutions for data-driven innovations.

We would like to thank all participants and are already looking forward to the next Big-Data.AI Summit, which will be held together with the Quantum Summit on 20 and 21 September 2023! 


#BAS22 addressed three topic clusters

BAS22 | Topic: Scaling applications

Scaling applications

By exploring use cases across all industries, we have seen the transformative potential of big data and AI applications on the whole value chain. To enable the implementation of AI systems on a large scale, it is crucial to have the right foundations. 


BAS22 |Topic: Leveraging technologies

Leveraging technologies

Large language models lift text processing to a new level and edge AI brings intelligence into all parts of the internet of things. Increasing computing power lets companies leverage the whole information of available data and with quantum technology new standards in processing time are set. Which new technologies offer the greatest potential for business value in the future? What are the developments to watch out for when improving processes and developing innovations? 


BAS22 | Topic: Empowering society and policy

Empowering society & policy

Big data and AI offer immense potential for tackling the big challenges of the 21st century. To meet this expectation, it is crucial to align the technical implementations with what we strive for as a society. But how can big data and AI applications gain the trust of users while offering excellent solutions to our most pressing problems? Bringing the right principles into the daily data-driven business in an increasingly digital society is a key question coming with the continuous datafication of our everyday life.



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