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Unlocking the Potential of Data and AI


When it comes to new technologies, making the step from a proof-of-concept to an value-generating application is a challenge. However, future-proof business models are needed. What does it take for Big Data and artificial intelligence to arrive in the German economy and the whole value chain of organizations? How can businesses avoid that innovations in data and AI do not make it to production? And how to overcome technical and organizational hurdles in the process?

At the Big-Data.AI Summit 2023, Europe's leading conference on the application of artificial intelligence and big data in business, we want to explore best practices and concrete use cases that enable companies to make it past this initial proof-of-concept. With experts from industry, politics & research we will dive deep into solutions in different sectors and also investigate what lies ahead for enterprises who want to become data-driven. Join us on the 20th and 21st September 2023 at #BAS23 to find out which technologies can be leveraged for the development of your business model, what to know about the social and legal circumstances and how rules for AI and data in Europe can be designed. Together with our partner conference Quantum Summit 2023, we will explore over these two days how to unlock the value of technology for your company!

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Berlin!

Merle Uhl
Merle Uhl
Policy Officer for Artificial Intelligence & Digitalisation
Bitkom e.V.




#BAS23 addressed three topic clusters


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Accelerating uptake

Big data and AI are entering all industries, various use cases demonstrate the potential these technologies can have across the whole economy. However, the uptake so far leaves room for improvement, demonstrating that there are still some hurdles to overcome when introducing intelligence into an organization. Where can businesses benefit from these technologies already today? What are common challenges when turning into a data-driven enterprise? Get insights into horizontal topics, like the organizational and cultural changes that need to accompany such a transition, as well as best practices concerning the implementation of relevant solutions at #BAS23.


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Framing for good

With the uptake of data and AI technologies and the consequently scaled impact they have on our society, questions arise regarding their ethical and sustainable dimension. Politics is striving to shape a setting that guarantees certain principles when the technologies are used, companies are investigating the diverse consequences of their solutions. How can artificial intelligence be developed in a way that allows users to adequately mitigate possible negative effects? How to reflect the role of data and its meaning for solutions and business models? #BAS23 will shed light on these and further questions related to the regulatory setting as well as innovative solutions.;


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Harnessing technological innovation

Innovations in AI and data are coming at an increasing speed and, thus, new business opportunities arise in parallel. Ranging from the ever-more human-like capabilities of language models to the power of AI in predicting virus variants in a pandemic, data and AI technologies enable better solutions to a variety of problems. As the possibilities unfold, enterprises must navigate these manifold developments and identify what is valuable for their current – or future! – business model. What technology will affect my company or even the whole market? How can these developments be leveraged to transform my business? Get inspiration and orientation on what to look out for when setting your company up for a data-driven world at #BAS23.


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